An unknown menace stalks Oxford, strikingfear into the hearts of its citizens. At first glance, the killer appears to be just another deranged lunatic, striking at random, but Detective Constable ENDEAVOUR MORSE uncovers an underlying method to the madness. The elaborate staging of the crimes suggests the killer shares Endeavour’s passion for opera…

While Oxford City Police scramble to find the next potential victim, it seems that Endeavour has finally met his intellectual match. As the body count increases, letters containing cryptic clues, goading the police for their failures, are sent to the Oxford Mail. Only a detective of Endeavour’s intellect can break them. An emotionally operatic epic, ‘FUGUE’ combines the very best of the original Morse series (“Masonic Mysteries”) with a dazzling resolution that will push Endeavour to fringes of his own sanity, as he is drawn into an elaborate scheme; in which he is destined to become an integral part.

Episode two: Fugue



この回はオリジナル『Inspector Morse』のエピソード「Masonic Mysteries」色があるようです。第15話…5枚目のDVDか!日曜日までに、なんとしても観ておかなければ…

Inside Media Trakに、「Fugue」のスチール写真がupされています。



『Inspector Morse/主任警部モース』UKコンプリートDVDBOX

Inspector Morse The Complete Case Files(33 Episodes) [DVD]


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