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Radio Timesに、『Endeavour』シリーズ1に関するショーン・エヴァンスのインタビューが掲載されました。


Endeavour Morse is back and, as Shaun-Evans explains, he’s as cerebral and complex as ever. Here, the actor talks about the challenges the young Oxford detective faces during his four new cases:

In the pilot, we saw Endeavour on the verge of resigning. So is he destined to remain an outsider in this new series?

Yes. His mind works in a specific way, which is useful for solving crimes, yet being in Oxford and in the police force is not the best environment for him. But I don’t think he would know what would be best for him ? some people are just like that though, aren’t they? Slightly out of joint wherever they go. Whatever he was doing it would never be perfect.

Endeavour: Shaun-Evans - "I'm getting better at the opera but no better at the crosswords"


Shaun Envans:Endeavourの考え方は事件解決には役立つものの、オックスフォードや警察組織に居ることは彼にとって最善の環境でありません。けれど、Endeavourにとって何がベストか彼は理解していないと思います。そういう人もいますよね。どこに行っても少しそぐわない。彼が何かやっても、完璧になることはないのです。





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