[S2]オックスフォード大学のMuseum of Natural Historyで撮影!『Endeavour/新米刑事モース』シリーズ2第2話「NOCTURNE」


なんと、先日オックスフォード大学のMuseum of Natural Historyで撮影が行われたそうで、その撮影の様子が美術館のブログにupされています。(この美術館は現在お化粧直しの為に閉館中)

A closed museum makes for an intriguing film set. Wrapped skeletons, shadowy corridors and empty echoing spaces create the perfect atmosphere for a mystery.

This week we’ve had the cast and crew of the ITV1 detective series Endeavour filming in the Museum. Endeavour is a prequel to Inspector Morse, the famous Oxford-based series that ran for 13 years. Production company Mammoth Screen are currently making the second series of Endeavour, which stars Shaun-Evans as the young Morse making his name as a detective.

Mystery in the Museum



Yesterday I spoke to Alex Cox, Location Manager, and tried to find out the secrets behind the episode. He was rather mysterious himself, only giving away some tiny clues about the story. What he could tell me is that the Museum will feature in the second episode in the new series, which is called ‘Nocturne’. It will be aired on Sunday 6th April 2014, so make sure you tune in!

Mystery in the Museum



Simply Oxford photoblog:Oxford: Endeavour series 2 behind-the-scenes



Oxford Mail編集長ドロシアを演じるアビゲイル・ソウが、早朝から撮影があることを呟いています。


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