『Endeavour/刑事モース』S6 F3&F4/Case26&27 2020年7月24日(金・祝) WOWOWで日本初放送

[S2]オックスフォードのThe Kenton Theatreにて、『Endeavour/新米刑事モース』シリーズ2の撮影!

シリーズ2の撮影終盤を迎えつつある(のか?)『Endeavour/新米刑事モース』シリーズ2、先日2014.02.04に、オックスフォードのTHE Kenton Theatreで撮影が行われたとの事!

THE Kenton Theatre was transported back in time for an episode of ITV drama series Endeavour.

A cast and crew of about 30 people, including stars Shaun-Evans and Roger Allam, filmed at the historic Henley venue on Tuesday.

The show, a prequel to Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse series, is set in the Sixties so the theatre had to be redecorated.

It doubled as the fictitious Empire Theatre in Oxford, where Endeavour is set, so most of the signs outside were changed.

Posters advertising a variety show headlined by a ventriloquist act called Benny and Clyde were plastered on the notice boards.

henleystandard.co.uk:Kenton finally gets new sign... but only for TV episode

OxfordにあるEmpire Theatreとしてこの劇場が使われたようです。

朝6時からスタッフが集まってセッティング開始、9時に終了。11時からメインキャストではない出演者がHarpsdenのHenley Golf Clubで撮影。






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